Down under – Expo ’88 in Brisbane

How did this little spoon find its way from Brisbane to Seattle?   Another mystery that we will never know.  Ah if this little spoon could talk.

Expo ’88 was a BIE sanctioned International Specialized Exposition formally named World Expo ’88.  It was held in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia, during a six-month period between April and October 1988. (fairly common date range for a Worlds Fair Spring thru summer and close in early fall) The theme of the Expo was “Leisure in the Age of Technology”, and the mascot for the Expo was an Australian platypus named Expo Oz.   I couldn’t resist showing how cute their mascot was.

So, here is my little treasure of a spoon.   It is modern in appearance but is still a piece of Worlds Fair memorabilia that someone held so dear they brought it to Seattle.  (see my vintage ruler again?)

World Expo '88 - Brisbane   Spoon found in Seattle

World Expo ’88 – Brisbane Spoon found in Seattle