Why Worlds Fairs

Come follow my love of Worlds Fairs.  How it all began in Seattle and has grown to encompass many others.  Learn more about my collecting memorabilia at estate sales along with inhaling all we can about them.

For over 30 years I have worked for a Trade show Contractor.   The modern convention or trade show evolved from the early Worlds Fairs.   They like our events today showcased the newest inventions and ideas.   When I began working the set up of events the main building we used was a remanent of the Seattle Worlds Fair.   The Coliseum eventually became the Key Arena and was remodeled for Basketball so it could no longer have flat shows.   Seattle had built a formal Convention Center and it seemed the right thing to do. I still miss my days at the Seattle Center and living in the heart of a Worlds Fair’s grounds.

Hope you enjoy these little snapshots of a time gone by… well at least in the United States.  The Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) is still granting Worlds Fair rights.   Dubai is coming next.  Write your congressperson to re-join the BIE and potentially host a Fair again.

2 thoughts on “Why Worlds Fairs

  1. Bill Cotter says:

    Can you please contact me? I’d like to ask you a question about something on your blog in the Expo 74 section. Thanks!



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