Quebec Pavilion at Expo 67

Quebec Pavilion at Expo 67

Quebec Pavilion at Expo 67

Today’s piece of memorabilia is from the 1967 International and Universal Exposition or better known as Expo 67 that was held in Montreal Canada.  This was the most successful Worlds Fair in attendance with the largest one day in history.  569,500 people came on the third day to set the record.

I found this little melmac plate here in Seattle.  When you look at the picture of the back you can see it was priced several times for sale.   My guess is this was bought second-hand versus new at the fair by the folks whose estate sale I visited.

We did a little clean up on the plate because it had tape residue on the back and front.  Someone had displayed it by taping it down.

Here are some more views of it.