When the World Was Fair booming statistics

This humble blog about Worlds Fairs has seen a huge jump in visitors.  In December 2015 I had about 4 visitors a day. This December it has jumped to about 20 a day. I was shocked to see that just in November and December I have had over 1,150 visitors … compare this to all of 2015 at 950.

What is up with this? Is there that much nostalgia for World’s Fairs? Or is there is something else afoot?

Could it be the name of the blog? “When the World was Fair” and anther clue is that most folks that have touched this site are predominately from the USA.

Then it hit me!! It is all the discourse in our nation. People are landing here because they are looking for something that is missing.

I hope my Worlds Fair Memorabilia blog will give you a little smile. That you came here to find something to sooth your feeling of justice lost. Not that I am the best at political dialog but if you wish to say a few words on why you got here, I would be most appreciative.

And while you are here, stop and look around.  You might find my main blog even more interesting.  It is all about Crows, Nature, my rambling around Seattle and some historical articles on things like Longacres Ruins.  Crows of Arroyos

Thanx for visiting & come back soon.