Alaska Yukon Pacific 1909 Mason Badge

Every day at the AYP was a special day for an organization or group. On June 15, 1909 it was designated the Order of Eastern Star, Grand Lodge Free Day and Accepted Mason Day.

One has to imagine that the gentleman who owned this badge attended the fair on that day.

AYP Mason Badge 1909

Part of finding Worlds Fair memorabilia requires detective skills. This badge came to me while I was looking through silver spoons for a Seattle Worlds Fair spoon.  The Estate Sale lady said she thought one was in the case. So, they let me rummage around in the 30 or so spoons. While I was doing that I saw this badge.

AYP struck me right between the eyes. They didn’t know that it was from the first Seattle World’s Fair. ┬áJust that it was a mason badge and had some value. Boy did it stand out to me. I forgot the spoon search and snagged it up.

I won’t go into what the symbols on it mean except the R&SM stands for Royal & Select Master.

It isn’t too large but it is made of a heavy metal. Rather sturdy in its pin. Made to last.

Slightly shy of 3 inches – Mason AYP Medal

The back even has engraving on it. Plus a glimpse of the pin.

back of AYP Mason Badge

Collecting World’s Fair items can make me go into a time warp. Makes one ponder how much the world has changed in 108 years since the Mason who wore this to the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exhibition. He would be lost in our world and we in his.