Jr Airline Flight Bag – Seattle Worlds Fair

A new treasure to share with everyone. This is a small child size airline flight bag with Seattle Worlds Fair logo and graphics on it. That dates this around 1961 or 1962.

I am not sure if this was a give away at the fair or by an airline.  It seems a bit expensive to be free so perhaps it was purchased in Seattle during the fair.

Here are more views of what it looks like.  Do let me know if you have any information on this little flash from the past.

Jr Airline Flight Bag bottom

Top of Jr Flightbag

Side view Jr Flightbag

Seattle Worlds Fair Jr Flight Bag

Century 21 Ergonomic Letter Opener

This is one of the most unusual items I have found.  It is an ergonomic letter opener that is from the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair.   As you can see it has the Century 21 logo stamp on the flat part where the blade meets the handle.   Here is a closer look at it.

Century 21 stamp on bottom of Letter Opener

Century 21 stamp on bottom of Letter Opener

Finding items for my Worlds Fair Mini Museum is always an adventure.  This one did not disappoint.  The sale was on Capital Hill and I got a little lost.  I knew I had gone too far north and pulled over to figure out how I had gone wrong.  There had been a wreak on I-5, so I got off and went through the back streets.  That was my down fall since I approached it from a different angle.

I found the place and it was more of a professional than private sale set up in a house.  The photos on Craig’s list had a Seattle Worlds Fair cup in them.   So, what did I have to lose but go see if I could snag this little thing.    I am too late and the item is sold, which is fairly common.  When I asked the owner of the sale, he told me it was gone but he had an ergonomic letter opener.

It was not on display and he went upstairs to retrieve it for me.  It is certainly unusual.  He told me he had two of them and when I tried to barter on the price he won’t budge.   Before I talked to him I had picked up a 1988 worlds fair spoon in its box.   I asked if he would throw that in and he still wanted 5 dollars for that.  Having bought some of these items I knew that was over priced.  As you can see I bought the letter opener and left the spoon behind.

Ergonomic Letter Opening from Seattle Worlds Fair

Ergonomic Letter Opening from Seattle Worlds Fair