New York WF Spoon in Seattle

I often wonder how worlds fair souvenirs get to Seattle. This rare treasure from the 1939 New York Worlds Fair was over in the Ballard neighborhood. I had gone to two other sales and was weaving my way home. There was an estate sale sign so I whipped around the corner to this unplanned stop.

On the big front porch they had the cashier area and some valuables in a glass case. To my glorious surprise this spoon was there. I got my hands on it and never let go until I put it into my museum on Monday. Serendipity had brought me this find.

New York Worlds Fair 1939 Spoon

New York Worlds Fair 1939 Spoon

In my research I cannot find an exact copy of it on the internet. It is unusual in that it has a cut out of the New York Skyline. They call it a bird’s eye view.

Cutout of birds-eye view of NY on '39 NY Worlds Fair

Cutout of birds-eye view of NY on ’39 NY Worlds Fair

The bowl has the Trylon and Perisphere plus New York Worlds Fair with the year 1939. Look closely and you will see the copyright symbol and NYWF. The back has “Sterling” stamped on the back and some makers marks.

bowl of '39 NYWF spoon

bowl of ’39 NYWF spoon

How did this get to Seattle and over 75 years later came to me? The places it has been and saved all these years is a mystery. Someone treasured it a lot and now it is part of my Worlds Fair Treasure Horde!


2 thoughts on “New York WF Spoon in Seattle

  1. says:

    I have this EXACT same spoon and I have been looking for any kind of information.
    I came to aquire it through an of friend of mine in aproxametly 2010..
    Please contact me for pictures .
    I would love to hear.i you have ever gotten any more information on it


    • batgurrl says:

      Hello – wish I could tell you more about our little spoon from the NYWF 1939. It is pretty rare best I can tell. I looked through all the spoons for sale on ebay and did not find one. Just my post and a Pinterest picture.

      It was made by Watson Company who were acquired by Wallace Silversmiths in 1956.

      Found some cutout type spoons of NY (not Worlds Fair) – they ranged around $20 to $25 plus shipping. (Esty & Ebay)

      Enjoy your treasure!!


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